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General Music - Topics For The Year

Music is everywhere and is used in almost everything that we do as a society. My goal as a musician and teacher is to help foster a love for music that extends past the walls of the school and into the everyday lives of our children and community.  The arts are a place where children can feel safe to explore their different talents and potentials, however big or small.  For some, it can become “their thing”; the positive and healthy thing that they can relate to and work towards in middle school, high school and beyond.  The super-powers I will cover in class this year will help build confidence, discipline and an overall love and respect for the arts…. not mention are a lot of fun.


   “Super-powers” I plan to cover and explore this year:


Music in our culture.


Music for celebrations.


Music in patriotism.


Music and music  history  from the baroque, classical, romantic and modern eras.


Music in movement.   Dance is considered an extension of music and I plan on teaching students how to listen, feel and move to music.


Music is listening!   (aka  music  appreciation) Who doesn’t need more listening in their lives?  We will learn  how  to listen to music.  We will also learn what to listen for and how to describe music in terms of style, dynamics, form and tempo.


Music notation – This is especially important when looking at sheet music for band and chorus.  It is important that students can identify and count and clap rhythms at an early age. When we prepare for our concerts I would like students to be able to follow along on their sheet music and understand the difference between different note values and how to navigate sheet music.  (Older students will also be introduced to note reading).  


Instrument families – This is especially helpful for students who will be starting an instrument in band this year!


Different genres of music …. past and present.  I welcome students to share their favorite types of music with the hope of being able to incorporate it into class…whether it be by discussing, listening, describing or even just dancing/jamming!


Introduction to folk, jazz and Broadway genres …. three extremely important types of American music that are often overlooked by kids of today.  


Creating music!   There are many formal and informal ways to create music depending on age and experience. I plan on creating music will all levels by using classroom instruments like drums, bells, chimes, sticks and other instruments.  Improvising is a great way to start but this concept can certainly be extended into composition with the older classes if there is an interest.


Last, but certainly not least…. Performance!   Performing music is a beautiful way to work together for the common goal of sharing our musical experience with others.  We will work together and prepare for performances and opportunities to share our music and talents.  Depending on the guidelines, we will perform in person and/virtually.